March 21-22, 7pm

A Hackathon at BU

  • 24 Hours

    Stay up all night or sleep when you want (you probably won't want to!)

  • Educational

    We'll have informal lectures on a number of topics, including web-, mobile-, and hardware-based development.

  • Free Stuff

    Free food, caffeine and swag for the duration of the hackathon.

  • Great Facilities

    All events take place at EPIC and GCB, right on campus!


  • What is a hackathon?

    A weekend collaborative competition to build something. Join with a team and build a web, mobile, hardware, or physical product. More here.
  • Who can attend?

    Any BU student or alumni (bring your BUID!). It'll be open to any student in the future.
  • Why should I come?

    You can learn new, practical skills, and get help from our student mentors. You'll meet other hackers and have lots of fun! And of course you can brag about your project to employers and friends.
  • What can my team build?

    Anything! Be creative
  • How big are teams?

    Usually 2-4 people, but you can work alone or with a larger team.
  • Are we allowed to build on past projects or code?

    Nope! You can only use open source code or designs (things anyone has access to).
  • What should I bring?

    Computers, phones, circuit boards, arduinos, etc.
  • What will be provided?

    Food, 3d printers, CNC machines, mentoring, tech talks, and a ton of fun
  • Schedule

    7pm Opening in PHO 206
    7:30pm Move to EPIC - team up, plan, help from mentors
    8:30pm Workshops begin
    10am Morning mentoring session
    5:30pm Hacks must be turned in, judging starts
    7pm Awards
  • Workshops

    • Web Apps GCB 206

      8:30-8:45 Web Frameworks
      8:45-9:00 GitHub
      9:00-9:15 Backend
    • Mobile Apps GCB 207

      8:30-8:45 iOS
      8:45-9:00 Design
      9:00-9:15 Android
    • Hardware GCB 209

      8:30-8:45 Electronics
      8:45-9:00 Hardware Design
      9:00-9:15 Manufacturing
    • What to expect

      Our resident experts will show you what is possible with all sorts of technologies!
      GCB is the second floor above EPIC.
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