March 28-29, 1pm

BU's overnight hackathon

Join us for BU's annual overnight hackathon! Make, hack, innovate and create with other students for 24 hours. Build something cool, eat free food, meet new people, and compete to win cash prizes. It's all happening on March 28 at BU's new Engineering and Product Innovation Center.

  • What is a hackathon?

    A weekend collaborative competition to build something. Join with a team and build a web, mobile, hardware, or physical product. More here.
  • Who can attend?

    Any student. While we can't reimburse you for travel, we'll provide free food and drink. We'll have limited sleeping space, so come rested or plan to stay with a friend if you're not local.
  • Why should I come?

    You'll meet other hackers and have lots of fun! And of course you can brag about your project to employers and friends.
  • What's provided?

    Food, snacks, drinks, caffeine, power and Internet access. Although EPIC has machinery, it won't be available for use.
  • What can I make?

    Our only restriction is that you cannot use existing work (e.g. code/designs) if participating for prizes. You can only use open source code or designs (i.e. things anyone can freely access).
  • What should I bring?

    Computers, phones, tablets, circuit boards, microprocessors, and anything else you might need
  • How big are teams?

    Usually 2-4 people, but you can work alone or with a larger team. Teams larger than 4 will be ineligible for prizes.
  • Are there sponsors?

    Yes! See below. Interested in sponsoring? Contact us!
  • I still have questions.

    Contact us!
  • Schedule

    1 pm Opening in CAS B12
    2 pm Move to EPIC. Hacking starts!
    6:15 pm Dinner
    12 am Midnight snack
    7:30 am Breakfast
    11 am Hacks must be turned in. Lunch.
    12 pm Judging
    2 pm Awards
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Background image credit Barron Roth Photography